Andrew Ellis, our head of estimating software, tells us how building and construction software can help your business. 

While we may’ve hoped 2021 would bring immediate change and brighter times after a hard 2020, unfortunately, the next few months are still likely to bring many challenges to our industry. 

But we know for some customers it’s not all doom and gloom. Many building firms are thriving as homeowners want to spend money on improving the homes they’re now spending more time in. 

Whether your business is on the up and you need to cope better with demand, or you’re struggling to plan around the many unexpected challenges of the last (almost) year. There’s lots of ways Build Aviator can help.  

Plan what materials you need 

It sounds simple, but so many builders and developers fail at planning what materials they need and when. In the past this might not have been a problem, but during a pandemic when manufacturers are working in restricted conditions, it’s not always possible to walk into a merchant and pick up what you need there and then. 

Because Build Aviator material take off and estimating services integrate with information on stock from Jewson branches, we can give you a true picture of lead times and can help you spot potential supply issues even before the start of a project. 

In our estimating reports you’ll also get a schedule of works so you can easily see when you’ll need harder-to-source materials and how much you’ll need too. This means you can work with your local merchant to make sure products are ordered well in advance and are there ready and waiting when you need them. 

Spot the difference 

At times and especially at the moment, you might not be able to get the product you need. In these instances, our estimating software can help too.

Through our Compare tool in our material take off report, we can show you the difference between an original estimate and an amended one, as well as highlight changes that may impact on safety, performance and an EPC. 

This means you don’t have to go through a quote line by line and side by side, saving you lots of hassle. It also means you can build to better standards, with the right spec and it’s easier for you to understand why the price of an estimate has changed. 

Avoid unexpected price increases

Unfortunately, the coronavirus and Brexit are having an impact on material prices, meaning the going rate you’re used to working with might have changed dramatically when you actually come to buy it. Again, here’s where our material take off and estimating services can help. 

As we can access the latest prices for you – the quote you give will be much more realistic. And once a quote turns into a job, it’s quick and easy to turn your estimate into an order and  avoid any fluctuations in pricing. 

Plan subbies better 

Almost every builder I know has told me about the challenges of getting a subbie at the moment. Estimating reports are a lifeline when planning labour as you’ll find a thorough schedule of works in your pack. This means you’ll have a better idea of when you’ll need to find an electrician, a plumber or a plasterer, rather than knowing a few days before.  

Get your pricing right 

How many times have you given a ‘finger in the air’ price or costed something based on a previous job, only to have it come in much higher? Rather than using guestimates for your quotes, you can save valuable time AND give a more accurate and detailed cost using estimating software. 

Because Build Aviator estimators quote day-in-day-out and many are former trades, they can help you go through a job, ask questions and make suggestions so you can produce a really accurate quote, first time.  

It’s so easy to forget things like tool hire or miscalculate material volume, but that simple mistake is the difference between your profit and loss or a satisfied customer and a complaint.

Impress your clients

A quick handwritten quote or an over the phone estimate doesn’t give your customer the best first impression and it can leave you vulnerable to risk and comebacks. 

Make sure everyone is on the same page, and put your services in the best possible light with a professional quote. When you use our estimating services, you’ll get an in-depth report for you with project summaries, a schedule of works and a bill of quantities, and your customer will get a client report with a project overview, payment schedule, schedule of works and terms and conditions. Much better than the back of an envelope! 

Have a life 

While socialising might be off the cards for now, it’s important to have some downtime and especially at the moment. Running a business does take time and effort, but it doesn’t have to take every waking hour. By working with Build Aviator, we’ll help you maintain, expand and build your business in 2021, but also help you do it in a way that saves you lots of time and effort. Then you’ve got no excuse for not keeping to your exercise and healthy eating regime…