Here at Build Aviator, we know that pricing work is one of the less exciting parts of your trade, and to achieve an accurate costing is near impossible. So we have designed a range of software to help you price work accurately and help you to be organised.


  • Provide a professional quotation for your clients
  • Accurate material lists – no more hold ups on site because materials weren’t ordered, and no more over-ordering
  • Be in control – know your markups, overheads and profit margins, then tweak accordingly
  • Save time – spend less time quoting, so you can spend your time where it matters most – on site? Or extra time at home?

How does our software work? This explainer video tells you how it works.

We have a range of software available:

  • Aviator Lite – the straight-forward solution to pricing trade specific tasks, alterations, renovations and conversion.