GeoFennel HV2204
Rotating Laser


• Visible laser beam
• Rotating speed 600 rpm
• Dust and water protection IP 54
• Permanent 90° plumb beam
• Automatic TILT alarm function
• Auto shut-off when out of level

Supplied with:

• Receiver FR 45 with clamp
• Rechargeable battery (NiMH)
• Intelligent charger
• Battery case for alkaline batteries
• Carrying Case

£499 ex VAT

Includes £150 estimate


For the ultimate in ease-of-use with three buttons to control all functions. Straight to the point – no frills – no gimmicks.

Versatile and easy to use this multipurpose rotating laser is ideal for indoor and outdoor applications. Fully automatic self-levelling in both horizontal and vertical.


Manufacturers product code
Self-levelling range
Accuracy horizontal
Accuracy vertical
Working range with FR 45 receiver Ø
Rotating w/o receiver Ø
Rotating speed rpm
Operating time using NiMH battery pack
Operating time using Alkaline batteries
Temperature range
Laser diode / Laser class
Dust / water protection
Weight (instrument with batteries)
Technical data – FR 45 Receiver
3-step accuracy
Signal tones
Signal tones can be switched off
Automatic shut-off
Display illumination
Power supply
Weight with Clamp
Dust/water protection


± 5°
± 1 mm / 10 m
± 1.5 mm / 10 m
400 m
60 m*
20 h
40 h
-20 °C to 50 °C
1,95 kg

2 x LCD
± 10 mm, 4 mm and ± 2 mm
1x 9V Alkaline Battery
0.4 kg
IP 66


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