SAP Assessments

The Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP) is the Government’s method for measuring the energy rating of a building.

SAP calculates a dwelling’s CO2 emissions, along with likely energy costs for space, water heating and lighting per square metre, producing a score between 1-100. The higher the number, the more energy efficient the property. Homes must achieve a ‘pass’ on these calculations for the project to pass Building Regulations. Build Aviator helps you get it right first time.

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The build aviator difference

  • Our expert assessors take your plans and provide you with a product specification
  • By using actual u-values we offer a much more accurate representation of the energy rating
  • All products listed are available locally, making material procurement quick and easy
  • We include Registered Construction Details (RCDs) in your assessment, pre-approved by Local Authority Building Control

Support at every step

Along with a full SAP report, you’ll also receive an on-site support pack containing: a SAP summary, product specification with associated U-values, RCDs and support documents for end of build testing. A great resource for you and your sub-contractors, it allows you to easily show the building methods used, making sign-off that much easier.

Your Report

With every SAP Assessment you receive an On Site Compliance Pack with details on product specifications and construction details.

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