Self Build Projects

Embarking on your self-build project is exciting but it doesn’t come without worries, so Build Aviator created a Self-Build Pack to overcome those concerns, and offer your reassurance, confidence and support to ensure your project runs smoothly.

Here is how we can help

We provide a fully detailed estimate prepared by your own dedicated estimator:

  1. Know the cost of the build and therefore know what budget is required
  2. The detailed quotation supports lending applications
  3. Your own estimator is available to help you where needed (e.g. to answer those technical construction-related questions in the lending process)
  4. We provide work schedules so you know projected timescales for each element
  5. Whether you’re completing it all yourself, bringing in trades for certain parts of the build, or looking for a contractor to complete the entire project, your estimate will give you an idea of what price you’re looking for
  6. You will have the ability to tweak parts if required, so if the total cost was less than expected, you could consider those ‘extras’ and luxuries


We complete a SAP assessment for your build

  1. All new builds must comply with Government energy regulations, our assessment tells you what you need to do to achieve this and ensure your home is compliant
  2. Our estimating service works in conjunction with your SAP report, i.e. we price materials specified in your SAP report, to ensure your home is compliant