Laserliner VideoScope One – 1.5m

£139.99 ex VAT

Compact inspection camera for visual inspections of areas which are difficult to access.

  • The camera head on the flexible cable transmits images directly to the LCD monitor
  • Problem locating: due to the LED-lighting, the camera indicates what is behind or in objects, walls circuits or cables etc, even under the worst of light conditions, due to the LED-lighting
  • Waterproof camera head and cable
  • Ideal for difficult accessibly areas due to the small measuring head (ø 9 mm)
  • Diversified application with 1,5 m camera
  • Powerful object lighting thanks to 4 high-performance LEDs
  • Extraneous light reduction: contrasty LCD-Display which provides an optimum display even under light irradiation
  • External monitors operated via TV Out connection
  • Rotation: The manual image rotation function enables the image to be rotated by 180° on the monitor

Camera Head:

Camera Focus:

Screen Type:

Camera Resolution:

Resolution Display:



Length of flex cable:

Power Supply:

Operating temperature:

Storage Temperture:

Weight (inc batteries):

ø 9 mm, waterproof, IP 67

F3 cm – F7 cm

2.7″ TFT colour display

320 x 240 pixel

320 x 240 pixel

5 luminosity degrees

2 x digital zoom in 10% increments

1.5 m

4 x AA 1.5 volt batteries

0 – 45°C

-10 – 60°C

0.51 kg


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