Scangrip Site Light 80,000 Lumen

£945 ex VAT


Compact floodlight providing extremely high performance and outstanding flexibility.

Compared to the previous version, the light output of SITE LIGHT 80 has been upgraded from 60,000 lumen to 80,000 lumen. It also has a wide 120° beam angle, ensuring super bright illumination of a large work area, which makes SITE LIGHT 80 suitable on construction sites, in warehouses and production facilities.

SITE LIGHT 80 is supplied with a dimmer function and BLUETOOTH light control that enable you to turn on/off the work light and adjust the light in four different levels remotely through your mobile device. When the work light is mounted on a high mast on the construction site or in a warehouse, this feature reduces the power consumption on an everyday basis as you only use the amount of light necessary to do the job.

The floodlight is designed with a built-in handle for easy carrying and mounting on tripods and masts. Weighing only 6.7 kg, SITE LIGHT 80 is very compact and low weight compared to other solutions on the market, which makes the mounting of the work light more convenient and safer.

SITE LIGHT 80 is completely dust and waterproof (IP65) and tolerates all kinds of weather conditions from -25° to +40°C. Featuring high-quality components and active cooling, the construction light has a long lifetime and keeps a high performance level throughout the day.

The floodlight is made in Denmark and illuminates the construction site according to the EN12464-2 standard.

A powerful LED floodlight with high flexibility

SITE LIGHT 80 is delivered with a DIN14640 connection adapter with bracket for mounting on a tripod. As accessories, we offer 2 different tripods 3m, and 4.5m and a dual bracket for positioning of two construction site lamps.

In addition, we offer a transport case for rental companies or simply for transport of the floodlight.

Why you should choose SITE LIGHT 80?

  • Extremely powerful floodlight with a wide 120° beam angle, up to 80,000 lumen
  • Perfect as lighting on construction sites, in warehouses and production facilities
  • BLUETOOTH light control app
  • Completely dust and waterproof (IP65)
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Light dimmer function

£945 ex VAT

The illumination of the building site from the SITE LIGHTS depends on the height of the mast and in which angle the lamps are positioned on the mast. Download SITE LIGHT Illumination of building site examples.

// The design of SITE LIGHT 80 is unique and covered by EU design patent RCD No 7180187.

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