Wave goodbye to the walls! Not only can open plan living improve the overall look of your dining room, kitchen and living area but the communal feel can bring the family together. This type of floor plan can create an easy flow which can be felt and seen throughout the whole house. Removing the walls doesn’t only create a larger and more comfortable space but it also allows the light to reach every corner of the room and brighten up your not only your house but your life too. 

Bringing the family together

In our society, it’s easy to become disconnected and sit in different rooms. Open plan living creates a multifunctional space which is more versatile and easy to live with which also encourages interaction between family members – it brings us all together. Whether you’re in the kitchen making dinner, reading a book in the living room or doing homework at the dining room table the lack of walls creates a more clear and comfortable space where you can effortlessly communicate with each other without getting up and going into the next room. This communal type of living encourages shared moments and conversations with family. 


Knock down the walls and knock down the barriers between people. An open floor plan is designed to create a natural flow of traffic between rooms which results in more sociable zone. It’s a space which allows you to entertain and not isolate yourself. With an open plan home you’ll have plenty of space to invite the whole neighborhood to eat, chat and dance in the same room – so get ready to become the go-to party pad!

Adds value to your property 

It’s not a secret that open plan homes are becoming increasingly popular, and this isn’t just because of the bright and welcoming space they create. Research has shown that knocking down non-structural walls to create a more open and comfortable space in your home can add value to your property. In most households, the kitchen is the ‘hub’ for social activity in the home, it’s not just for eating dinner but sitting and talking to family or friends. So knocking down a few walls to create a space where all family members can interact with each other in one large room is perfect for our modern and social lifestyle, but it’s also great for home buyers as an open living area is at the top of most modern buyers wish lists.   

Bright lights, happy life 

Open plan living creates a brighter home. It’s proven that the more natural light we’re exposed to, the more energised, positive and happier we feel. Removing the walls, removes the light-blocking barriers and allows you to flood your home with more natural light which creates a light, airy and enjoyable space. 

No one can argue that open plan living is an emerging trend which is taking modern British homes by storm and it seems that the benefits are endless. If you want a space to bring your family together with, without disrupting your routines too much, if you want to create a larger space to entertain the five thousand or to simply open up your first floor and see more natural light. It seems that open floor plans seem to be the solution to all our house problems.