Enhance your Client Report, win more work and be more profitable with a Business or Executive Client Reports

Whether you are considering upgrading onto a Business Pack to help grab your Client’s attention or whether you want to stand out from the crowd and roll out the red carpet with an Executive upgrade fit for any VIP, we have you covered!


As a standard when using our quantity take off service we will produce a comprehensive set of reports, one for you and another for your client.

Included in the Estimate Cost

Standard Report benefits:

  • Builders Summary
  • Bill of Quantities
  • Work Schedule
  • Tool Hire Report


Upgrade your Client Report from a choice of 2 pre-set designs and 8 colour options personalised with your log

£99 plus VAT – Per Year

Business Class Benefits:

  • Tailored plans page
  • Include your Company logo
  • 5% Estimating Discount
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Discount in the BA Shop
  • Entered Free into a monthly Prize Draw


Designed to match your branding; Using your company logo, images, social media links, accreditations and a tailored plans page.

£300 plus VAT – Per Year

Executive Pack Benefits:

  • Preferred Estimator
  • Bespoke Client Pages:
    – Custom-Made Front Cover
    – About Us Page
  • 10% Estimating Service Discount
  • Exclusive Discounts in the BA Shop
  • Entered FREE into a monthly prize draw

    *Available to all Stark group account holders. An annual fee is based on a rolling 12 month period. T&Cs Apply, we reserve the right to refuse an upgrade

    Standard Report

    Business Pack

    Executive Pack


    How does the service work?

    To create these packs our design team will use your company’s website and social media pages to get a feel for your branding and to access your company specifics including testimonials, photos of previous projects and information on your company and team. However, if you don’t have a website or social channels, we can still create a pack for you. You can simply send the information and assets over to us by email. If your company doesn’t have any specific branding, then our team is more than happy to help to create a personality for your brand and pack. 

    What is included? 

    Once you have become an Executive customer, the process remains the same. You still receive all your documents in the same way recieving a custom client pack instead. At the end of your journey, you are still presented with the same variety of client documents, such as a written quotation, breakdown of costs and schedules, with the addition of three individual, company-specific pages. These include a bespoke front cover, a project-specific page where you can display the plans of the build and an ‘about us’ page which is designed to promote your company to your client. This can include information such as when you were established, who your team comprises of and the skills within your company. These packs are personalised and can be altered in any way desired. 

    How will this service help my business? 

    Your client pack is designed to capture and portray your company’s identity. This service enables you to differentiate yourself from the competition. The exciting, interesting and unique designs really help to give your business that competitive edge and impress your prospective client. With each pack created from scratch, you won’t need to worry about someone else having the same layout or design as you. 

    For more information or to upgrade please call: 01359 256311 or email [email protected]

    Interested in upgrading?

    If you would like more information or would like to upgrade your estimating reports , complete our enquiry form giving details of which customised pack you are interested in and one of our team will get in contact with you.

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