We all know that first impressions count and amazingly it only takes seven seconds to make one.

We all take pride in our appearance in one way or another, whether it be our hair, outfit or tools in our toolbox. And as assumptions are made quickly when first meeting someone, why wouldn’t you? When it comes to your business, first impressions have never been more important. You wouldn’t use a rusty old van drive around in and to promote your company, would you?

Image of a rusty white van

No, you wouldn’t. And you shouldn’t treat your quoting any differently. You want your quotation to stand out from the others. You need it to not only be accurate but to look more professional compared to your competitors, don’t you? Well, Build Aviator have the answer and are here to help you with that. 

Who are Build Aviator

Build Aviator’s estimating service is the most effective and comprehensive service available on the market. We understand the common trade-related problems many of you face and have worked hard to provide a solution for them. Our quantity takeoff reports enable you to save time, have professional reports and win more work. We help to provide you with a speedy, accurate and reliable estimate of materials, labour and plant tool hire required to complete your build. 

So how can they help? 

Our estimating service creates a first impression which is not only hard to forget but also sets your company apart from the rest. With our bespoke and personalised reports, you gain an edge that others don’t. The reports produced enables you to differentiate your company, impress your client and win more work! We offer a variety of options and opportunities to ensure your reports include all your company specifics.

Our team at Build Aviator adds your company logo and ensure prices are set to your company rates – not just for materials, but your own labour rates too. Once you have become a consistent user of our services, you then become a silver customer and are provided with the most unique and comprehensive set of reports for you and your clients, with your company’s own ‘About Us’ page and personalised front cover including samples of your work. It really does give your company that competitive edge. The thorough reports include an extensive variety of documents including product summaries, bill of quantities, schedule of works, pricing sheets and tool hire reports. 

With a variety of experience, your estimate is created by builders for builders.

Before starting the estimate, our ex-trade experts, give you a call to run through your company labour rates and profit mark-ups ensure your quote is tailored and specific to your company. By adding in any profits and margins Build Aviator ensures accuracy and support with financing and budgeting. 

 Build Aviator doesn’t just benefit your company by providing accurate quantity takeoff reports. They also work with you to help save you time and ensure all your deadlines are met. So, what’s stopping you from letting Build Aviator and their accurate, detailed and job-winning reports help you land your project today?