We are all becoming more conscious of how our actions affect the environment.

Many of us are wondering how we can reduce the amount of waste to ensure we aren’t polluting the planet. So, this article is going to focus on how we can be more environmentally friendly in the construction industry. 

Smart Thermostats

Smart Thermostats are becoming increasingly popular. They allow you to track your energy consumption and reduce your bills by creating a schedule with the correct temperature zones. A lot of thermostats now also have an ‘eco-mode’ which adjusts the temperature when no one is home, reducing the amount of energy consumption. In addition to helping save the planet, they are also easy to control from a smart device and easy to install. In addition to installing a smart thermostat, you also need to ensure the build is fully insulated as this will control the amount of energy the building uses. 

Renewable Materials

Cork is a renewable material harvested from Mediterranean oak trees and renews itself quickly when stripped. It’s a sustainable material which can be used for flooring, insulation, acoustic wall coverings and countertops. 

Bamboo is becoming an alternative for a lot of items, such as furniture and kitchen utensils. This material is not only renewable but also lightweight and strong which makes it a great alternative. It’s used when building houses, bridges and scaffolding because of its high strength to weight ratio. It has a strength similar to steel. It’s more commonly used for construction in the South East Asia where it is found. 

Instead of searching for new building materials, researchers are producing concrete made from recycled plastics. This technique is allowing the construction industry become more sustainable as it reduces the amount of waste and provides a new and positive use for used plastics which keeps it out of oceans, landfills and nature. 

Going Solar

The sun. It’s the most powerful, clean, natural and renewable energy source you can use. Solar panels give us an insight into the future as the intelligently turn sunlight into energy. Going solar allows you to take advantage of the lighting and positioning of the sun to get the maximum amount of energy in an eco-friendly way. They are an effective energy source that comes in a variety of different styles and textiles that can blend into your roof design. You can also install solar water heating systems. These systems absorb solar radiation and convert it into heat, reducing your carbon footprint. 

Dual Action Appliances

To decrease the amount of water used, install a dual flush toilet. These toilets have two flushes: one for liquids and the other for solids. 


Using natural light to your advantage and as much as possible is a great way to become more green for less. Using CFL bulbs (compact fluorescent lights) are up to four times more efficient than regular light bulbs and come in a variety of shapes, sizes, styles and colours. Installing LED bulbs can give you 100,00 hours of light. Also, buying lamps and light sources made from reused and natural materials is also a great way to become more environmentally friendly as they are made from recycled items.