We all have those awkward and abandoned spaces in our homes.

We look at them confused and helpless thinking ‘what can I possibly put there?!’ Well, this article is here to solve all your interior problems as it will focus on finding the new, interesting, smart and stylish space-filling opportunities. 

Corner bookshelf

A bookshelf can help to organise all your books, magazines and pictures giving your home a neat appearance. It can also be used as a decorative feature and display a selection of vases and accessories. It’s a great way to make a cosy reading corner and fill an empty space. A corner bookshelf is an easy way to transform your naked nook into a useful and more organised area. 

Add floating shelves 

Installing floating shelves or a shelving unit is a great way to gain more much-needed storage space. You can even design them to wrap around corners so there really is no excuse to leave your awkward corners empty. They can give your selected room a more light, airy and less cluttered feel. They are easy to install and can go in any room and be used for anything, from storing towels in the bathroom to tools in the garage. Install a unique and interesting shelf and be prepared for it to catch your guest’s eyes. 


Adding seating to a corner can transform it into a personal space for you to relax. Sip a hot drink, read a book and create the perfect space to spend some ‘you’ time. Pair this with nice cushions and a warm throw and you’ll never want to get up. 


The benefits of houseplants are endless. They clean the air, help to calm and destress and aid productivity. Place a large plant in the corner or a collection on a shelf and watch how they turn an unused space into a more healthy, calm and inviting one – just ensure you know how to take care of them!


Creating a gallery using painting and prints that you love and that compliment each other can add character and be the personal finishing touch your small corner needs. Filling empty space with art can really draw the eye and create interest and conversation. 


Lighting is a great way to fill an empty space, wherever you spend time there should be an element of lighting. In a reading corner, a floor lamp or wall light could help to create a cosy space and ensure all areas are lit and don’t fade into the shadows. The right lighting can really transform a neglected nook into a more inviting space. 

The more unusual the better…

A hammock is a great way to fill a space, admittedly this is a very unusual idea, but it will create conversation, fill a corner and is a great way to relax and spend an afternoon.