So you have won the work?…

The only constant in construction is change. That’s why we offer a Build Kick Off Service that helps you get site ready.

Has time passed between your estimate and the work starting?

Notify us and we will ensure any new information is put into your original estimate, and then update it with the latest material prices. This will ensure you are working with realistic prices, protecting you along with your reputation and most importantly helping you keep your profit.

This service has been designed by Builders for Builders, to save you time using all the tools available to Build Aviator. Build Kick Off is here to make your build easier. To help you stay in control, plus maybe make a little more profit on the job.


For an introductory offer price of just £50 plus VAT the service includes:

  • Comparer Report
  • Updated Builder/Client Report
  • Dedicated time with Estimator
  • Complete Detailed Material List
  • Access to Click to Build an easy material call-off system
  • Pricing linked with your Terms


If you’d like to use this service please complete our enquiry form with the details for the project you are about to start on.

Once submitted we will be in contact to kick off the process

Please note: you need to have had an estimate completed previously to be able to request this service.

    via emailvia postvia postal mail

    Designed with you in mind the comparer program will produce a full detailed comparison report. It will clearly list any product changes and price differences from the original estimate to the updated version. We want to help make it easy for you to explain the differences from your original price to your client.

    The service includes a new Builder Report for you to review your profit and cost against each stage of the build, along with a new Client Copy.

    Included is a session with your Estimator to go through and fill any of the gaps and unknowns from estimate stage that can now be updated, additionally we will work with your local Sales Contact to ensure quotes for any specialist items are inputted into your Estimate. This will then turn your Bill of quantities into a detailed material list.

    Next, we can put all the product information into a simple online call-off programme called “Click”, because it is a simple click to order. So when you’re getting ready for starting Build Kick Off you can simply order all the product you need in stage by stage detail down to the screws & nails.