RollPilot D12 Measuring Wheel

Electronic measuring wheel for use on straight lines and curves

The RollPilot D12 Measuring wheel is an Electronic measuring wheel which delivers measured values accurate to the centimeter when measuring distances of up to 9,999.99m.

It has an easy to read, illuminated LC display directly on the handles. The measuring wheel will measure the distance when wheel is turning forward, and subtract when wheel is turning backwards.

There is also a hold function for holding the measured value, and the the moving pointer shows the exact start and end positions.

For easy storage and transport, the D12 has a Folding design and soft bag included.

Additional features include: Measured value memory for 5 entries & Metering when with 1-Metre circumference.

Supplied with:

  • RollPilot D12
  • Carry bag
  • 4 year warranty

£115.99 ex VAT

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