The dreaded cupboard under the stairs, we’ve seen it in Harry Potter and we’ve seen it in our own houses.

As not all homes are blessed with extra space, the space under the stairs usually houses all the random and homeless junk we own and probably haven’t used or thought about it in the last 5 years. Therefore, this article will explore ways you can take your storage space to the next level and create your very own Narnia. 

A pantry

Converting your cupboard under the stairs into a pantry is a great way to free up some space and organise your kitchen. Store the seasonal and special occasion crockery, rarely used spices and cookbooks in a neatly converted space and enjoy your extra room when cooking. 

From cramped to cosy

Depending on the size of your space, you can convert this into a cosy nook to escape the world. Add a snug seat, a couple of blankets and cushions and you’ll have the perfect place to spend an afternoon. 


Having too many books is never a bad thing, but letting them clutter up your house is. Converting your space into a funky bookshelf to showcase your collection is a great way to organise yourself and an even better way to celebrate and enjoy the selection of books that you own.

Extra storage space 

To get some practical use out of this space, why not install some horizontal and vertical drawers with hooks and hanging space and create extra storage space for you and your family. We all have too much stuff so converting the area under your stairs into storage will offer up a variety of storage opportunities and is a sensible way to make the most out of it. 

Home office

Sometimes converting a whole room into a home office isn’t plausible so why not add a desk, your computer and a comfy chair and get to work under the stairs! As computers are getting smaller and easier to take around, carving out this space into a hidden home office will allow you to get all your work done in one place.  

Hallway storage 

Why not get the back to school feeling and create personalised cubby holes for each member of your family. Hang up coats, shoes and bags in a more organised way. Let each person decorate their space in their own way and make it their own. This is a family fun way to make use of this space. 

Extra bathroom

If you’re short on space but not on family members and always find yourself fighting over the bathroom why not convert this space into an extra one? It may be smaller than your existing bathroom, but with a little plumbing and an interesting wallpaper, you can create a hidden yet unique bathroom all for yourself. 

A space for man’s best friend

Why not use this space to create a special place for your furry friend to enjoy an afternoon nap. Give your companion a spacious place to call their own and we can guarantee this is the only dog house they’ll enjoy being in!  

There are a variety of unique and bespoke ways for you to make great use of the forgotten and cluttered space. Just use a bit of imagination (and this article) for your inspiration!