How Build Aviator can help you become a Green Homes Grant Scheme installer

The Green Homes Grant is a huge cash boost for energy saving measures in England and presents a big earner for tradespeople. But how can you take advantage of it and turn energy saving into profit? Lily Smith, from our Product Management Team tells us more and explains how a unique partnership means Build Aviator customers can become an installer with ease. 

In a nutshell, what is the Green Homes Grant?

The UK Government has promised £2bn towards energy efficiency improvements to homes in England – this should help improve about 600,000 properties.

The scheme lets homeowners do what are classed as either primary or secondary measures. Primary ones are insulation or low carbon heat technology and you need to do primary measures in order to be eligible for secondary measures. Secondary ones are things like upgraded doors and windows.

The scheme has been extended past its original deadline and is now open until 31st March 2022. All works have to be completed by that time too.

What does it mean for trades?

In short, the potential to earn a lot!  Within the scheme, the Government pays 60% of the costs, with the remainder paid by the homeowner. In most cases, the maximum contribution will be £5,000 but households on low incomes will be eligible for up to 100% funding, up to £10,000.

When homeowners apply, they are given vouchers and these vouchers can be used against materials, VAT and your labour costs.

How do I get involved? Can I just quote for this work?

To win work as part of the Grant scheme, you first need to be TrustMark registered. In case you’re not familiar with it, TrustMark is the Government Endorsed Quality Scheme. Essentially, they vet trades to meet certain standards so consumers feel confident they’re getting a good standard of customer service, technical competence and trading practices.

As well as being TrustMark approved, you’ll also need to hold PAS 2030, which is a standard all installers need to meet to fit energy efficiency measures. If you want to fit renewable technology, you’ll also need MCS accreditation.

I don’t have any of these, is it difficult to get signed up?

The good news is, we’ve joined forces with TrustMark and a company called Trade Engine who train and approve people to PAS 2030 and MCS.

By linking with these organisations, we can help you begin work under the Green Homes Grant almost immediately so you’re not missing out. Then, in the background you can be building up the things you need to get certified.

Ok, so what’s the process?

To become a Green Homes Grant Scheme installer there are usually three steps:

  1. Set up a Quality Management System (QMS) if you don’t already have one
  2. Get your QMS and examples of work you’re doing
  3. Apply to be TrustMark registered

Through our link with Trade Engine and TrustMark, you can skip making a separate application for TrustMark approval – it will happen automatically once you’re PAS2030 certified. What’s more, by working with Build Aviator, you’ll be able to start working on Green Homes Grant projects almost straight away, rather than waiting for all your accreditations to come through.

If you already have PAS 2030, you can jump straight to becoming TrustMark approved.

You can find more details of the stages here.

How can Build Aviator help me start on projects straight away?

Through our unique partnership with TrustMark and Trade Engine, you can make a start on projects while you are working towards the relevant certifications and accreditations in the background meaning you won’t miss out on any work in the meantime.

But importantly, to help you get started and make sure you’re working in the right way, you’ll get tonnes of support from us and Trade Engine, including:

  • Leads of homeowners who want to Green Homes Grant works doing. You’ll also be able to offer services to your existing customers too
  • Quoting services from Build Aviator, helping you produce a professional quote with ease
  • Any jobs you do will be added to your TrustMark profile for future customers to see
  • Insurance-backed warranties and guarantees for the work you do
  • A project management tool that makes sure your claims against Green Homes Grant vouchers are logged and submitted in the right why
  • A personal mentor to help when you need it

This ‘ready-to-go’ service costs £300 plus VAT for every project, but the further good news is that this cost will be deducted from the Green Homes Grant voucher the homeowner gets awarded.

This service is a great way to see the processes and procedures you’ll need to follow when installing energy efficiency measures once accredited. When you’re approved, you’ll also keep access to mentor support from Trade Engine.

If the scheme is only open for a year or so, what’s the point?

It’s not just about the Green Homes Grant. This scheme is set to be the first of several energy efficiency initiatives that are to run between now and 2035. The aim is to bring all homes in the UK into EPC Band C by 2035 and for the UK’s housing stock to be entirely carbon neutral by 2050.

This means by getting involved now you can take advantage of lots of new work in the next year or so and beyond.

Once you’re accredited, we can also help with finding work under the Energy Company Obligation (ECO), another Government scheme designed to tackle fuel poverty.

When your business has been awarded the right certifications and accreditations, you will be able to begin delivery under the Grant in your own right.

While you’ll have the added benefit of already doing these jobs with our support, you’ll also keep access to mentor support from Trade Engine.

How do I get started on becoming accredited?

If you’d like to work with Build Aviator to become accredited email [email protected]