Events such as COP26 and the UN’s report into the impact of the climate crisis have pushed sustainable living to the forefront of the public’s mind this year. As more customers tell us their clients want to know about environmental products and practices, we spoke to Build Aviator customer, Laura from Bespoke Living Construction, who specialise in building sustainable homes.


Have you noticed an increase in demand for sustainable projects?
“In the last five years, there’s been a definite increase in demand for homes that are more sustainable.

“The general consumer is becoming more conscious of sustainability. TV programmes are a big influence on this, especially shows like Grand Designs and Save Money: My Beautiful Green Home that promote eco building and green construction. But what’s also driving the change is that ‘eco’ building products such as solar panels are now much affordable than they were 10 years ago.”

“We have also noticed more and more clients asking if products are sourced sustainably and are interested in where they are from”


What does the customer want when it comes to a sustainable home?
“There are a number of drivers behind people’s sustainable choices. Health is definitely a factor – people want fewer chemicals like VOCs in their homes. Similarly, we’re seeing a rise in air flow products such as MVHR systems that help filter the air in our homes.

“For some products that help generate energy, there’s financial benefits too as the excess can be sold back to the grid.

“But recently, we’re finding more people are conscious about their impact on the environment so want to ‘do their bit’ when it comes to design and build of their home.”


Do you think the building industry is ready for the increase in demand for sustainable design and construction?
“Companies like Bespoke Living are definitely in a minority at the moment. Right now, the change is starting to be driven by architects who are designing more sustainably, but that will trickly through to construction firms.

“At the moment it seems scary to some builders; it’s new. But essentially, we all build what the architect designs, so when more architects start pushing through more sustainable designs, builders will adapt.”


Do you find that clients are willing to pay more for sustainable materials where there’s additional cost?
“People will pay a bit more if what they’re presented strikes a chord with what is important to them. If they feel they are health benefits or they’re lessening their environmental impact, they are willing to pay extra. It’s the same as quality.”


Tell us more about Bespoke Living’s approach to sustainable construction
“We’re based in Chichester and established our business in 2017 with, from the beginning, a focus on sustainable building.

“To offset unavoidable carbon emissions, the company has partnered with Mossy.Earth who plant trees each month equating to one tonne of sequestered CO2.

“We also have a defined waste management strategy. When we do a complete renovation, rather than everything going in the skip, we take white goods to a local homeless shelter charity, where they can be sold, or redistributed in homes being built for homeless.”


How does Build Aviator support your business and its goals?
“Build Aviator help us in many ways. From a sustainable point of view, using Build Aviator, we can price and scope our projects more accurately, meaning there’s less risk of over-ordering and therefore waste. It also helps us cut down deliveries, thus supporting our environmental goals.

“Beyond this, Build Aviator saves us time at the quoting stage and we are able to provide our clients with a clear and well-presented estimate.”


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