Build Aviator provides the most accurate and reliable estimating service on the market.

Once you’ve submitted your plans, our ex-trade experts get pricing and work with you to ensure your project reflects your company rates, mark-ups and margins whilst also providing you with a detailed breakdown of the build. We present this information as professional and comprehensive reports for you and your client. Build Aviator has recently launched a new product exclusively for their ‘Executive Customers’. 

We are rewarding our loyal and regular customers with a customised and bespoke client pack which will house your customer’s quantity take-off reports. These packs will be designed to fall in line with your company’s branding, capture it’s personality and set you apart from the rest of your competition. Once you have become an executive customer, you will be entitled to use the service every time you submit a project with us for no extra charge.  

How does the service work?

To create these packs our design team will use your company’s website and social media pages to get a feel for your branding and to access your company specifics including testimonials, photos of previous projects and information on your company and team. However, if you don’t have a website or social channels, it’s still easy for us to create a pack for you. You can simply send the information and assets over to us by email. If your company doesn’t have any specific branding, then our team is more than happy to help to create a personality for your brand and pack.  

What is included? 

Once you have become an executive customer, the process remains the same. You still receive all your documents in the same way, the only thing that alters is that you receive a custom made client pack. At the end of your journey, you are still presented with the same variety of client documents, such as a written quotation, breakdown of costs and schedules, with the addition of three individual, company-specific pages. These include a bespoke front cover, a project-specific page where you can display the plans of the build and an ‘about us’ page which is designed to promote your company to your client. This can include information such as when you were established, who your team comprises of and the skills within your company. These packs are personalised and can be altered in any way desired. 

How will this service help my business? 

Your client pack is designed to capture and portray your company’s identity. This service enables you to differentiate yourself from the competition and stand out. The exciting, interesting and unique designs really help to give your business that competitive edge and impress your prospective client. With each pack created from scratch, you won’t need to worry that someone else will have the same layout or design as yours. The packs are created to be eye-catching and our team carefully and thoughtfully design each to ensure they appropriately reflect you and your company. 

We work with you to inject as much personality and identity into these packs as we possibly can, to ensure that you submit something completely different and gain a competitive advantage. With this service, we hope that this only adds to the impression you will leave on your client.