How will it help my business?

Build Aviator works closely with popular building merchants such as Jewson, Gibbs and Dandy and JP Corry. Our close links with these merchants mean that, once you start your journey with us, your local branch will have a Build Aviator expert (Technical Sales Manager) to help manage your material orders and ensure your estimates and projects stay organised and on track from start to finish. These partnerships help to make the whole process of your build, from quoting to ordering your materials, as smooth and simple as possible. Our Technical Sales Managers are there to not only lend you a helping hand but also help to land your project.

How will it help me organise my projects? 

Our estimating service is a great tool to have and use as it provides a full breakdown of materials, plant and labour required for your project, whilst also allowing your chosen merchant to track the materials needed to carry out the build – making it easier to complete the final material order and get started on site. 

 Our reports include product names for each material and your merchant will be provided with the same list, so as soon as you’ve won the job and are ready to order your materials, they can do this in one simple click. This process also helps you to pre-plan, for example, if you’re ready to order your windows but they have a 5-week wait, then your branch will be able to notify you of this, and you’ll be able to inform your client and are able to start another aspect of the job – instead of finding this information out at the last minute and holding up the rest project. The work schedule within your reports also assists you with pre-planning as it breaks down each section of the project into a clear and simple schedule. It helps to organise when you should order each material to ensure they are ready to be used on-site, rather than ordering them straight away and having them clutter up your site. 

 Our reports are created by our experienced ex-trade experts, and they ensure everything is priced, down to the last grain of sand – so you don’t have to worry about anything being forgotten. They all have previous experience working in the trade so they know and understand the pressures you are faced with when tendering for a project. Therefore, they work with you to assure you submit the most accurate and competitive prices in plenty of time. Once you receive these reports, all that’s left for you to do is pass them onto your client and let them make the final checks. 

Our service gives you your time back as we work out the logistics of the job and how much it will all cost. We work with you to take the stress and pressures away and allow you to spend more time on the tools, rather than behind your desk tackling the paperwork. For more information on how we can help land your project, visit our website: