While many of us dream of a white Christmas, I can assure you that those working in the construction industry certainly are not.

Severe weather conditions disrupt, hold up and even cancel perspective building projects. Unlike birds, builders aren’t lucky enough to be able to fly South for the winter so they need to take more care during this time of year to ensure project success. 

 Allow Extra Time

The cold weather can disrupt and delay a project’s schedule so you may face a longer completion time. The cold weather affects a lot of things, even your workers, because of the cold workers may move more slowly, after all, they will be bundled up in layers and layers of clothing. So certain processes may take a little longer to complete than when the sun is shining. As frustrating as delays or changes in schedule may be, sometimes the only thing that can resolve problems caused by severe weather is patience. When planning a project, especially in the colder months, take into consideration the predicted weather forecast. Allow some extra time in a contingency fund – just as you would your budget. 

 Site Challenges

There will be some jobs which will either need to be completed fast or be postponed until the weather changes, so again it’s good to store away any extra time in case the project is delayed. Structural framing, roof construction, window and door installation are jobs which will need to be completed as soon as possible in the winter as the rain, snow, ice or frost will affect the space inside. 


Building sites are dangerous as it is, without the winter weather setting in. Ice, frost and rain are all weather conditions which will affect your site and could make it unsafe. Workers will be bundling up in and wearing as many layers as possible, however, this could affect a workers safety as gloves will be worn and mobility will be reduced due to the extra clothing worn, therefore slipping and sliding could happen. Therefore, the management of safety on site must be a high concern during the winter months and if the weather begins to take a turn for the worst additional measures may need to be implemented to ensure your workers are safe. 

 Employee Motivation

Again, the cold weather can affect workers in many different ways, for example, it can bring with it negative feelings of fatigue, misery, dullness and disinterest. It can decrease motivation and productivity, especially those who work on-site outside all day. It can affect the way people work, e.g. struggling to find the motivation to finish the day or slowing down and envisioning what it would be like to be at home in the warm. Suggesting activities to complete during the day to keep warm, e.g. exercising for five minutes, or having a ‘treat’ to look forward to, e.g. a hot drink or a hot lunch, is a good incentive to keep your works motivated. 

Shorter Days

In the harshest winter months, the sun can start to set around 3 pm and when the sun sets the working day is seen as over. These shorter days affect the hours of daylight and this can then delay the progress of the build. Floodlights and site heating are two essential pieces of equipment which can ensure a full day’s work can be completed.

And to top it all off… tight deadlines

And just as you thought it couldn’t get worse, you have to contend with all of the above whilst working to tight, fixed deadlines, because, let’s face it, so many extension and renovation projects will need to be completed by Christmas, with clients piling on the pressure to ensure it happens!

 So all efforts will be focused on site, whilst the paperwork, estimating and planning for the year ahead is neglected! Fortunately, there are services out there that can help out here.

Take Build Aviator, for example, they fully understand the pressures that builders have to contend with at this time of year and it’s for that reason that they’re offering a whopping 25% off their estimates throughout December, so you can focus on site! All you have to do is email or post your plans to them, let them know your company rates in a quick call, and they’ll do the office work, pricing everything required for the proposed works. When all is finished, checked and you’re happy, they’ll produce a snazzy report, ready to hand over to; and impress your client.