Loft conversions are an attractive and modern alteration to your home as they offer extra space, often require no planning permission and can add value to your property.

This article will reveal a few helpful tips and advice to ensure your loft conversion is a well designed and thought out project. 


The transition from the existing house to your newly converted loft space can be overlooked, therefore the location and design of the stairs up to your loft should be considered when planning the project. You might not be able to alter the position of the staircase, but you can inspire the style and look. Matching the tread, carpet, bannisters and wall treatment of the existing house can make the new stairs feel as if they have always been there.

Blinds, windows and natural light 

Roof windows and skylights often let in a much brighter light compared to regular windows,  If your design allows, you could consider installing the innovative Velux Cabrio, that offers an instant balcony as well as your roof light window.

Bespoke made to fit blinds are probably the best option for roof windows as they will ensure the size and fit is perfect. In addition to this, each room is different so considering the size, angle and position of the windows is an important aspect of your design. If you want to maximise the amount of natural light, then glazing should occupy up to 20% of the roof space. If you follow this general rule, your room will be flooded with natural light – helping you and the environment. 

Add in a feature wall

Experimenting with different hues, prints and patterns when decorating can help to create the illusion of a larger and lighter bespoke space. White isn’t always everyone’s go-to option, so creating a feature wall using a contemporary but subtly patterned wallpaper can add interest to your room as it will catch the eye and effectively create an illusion of more size. 

Make the most of the awkward spaces

We know that loft conversions can be quirkier than other rooms or extensions as they are often different shapes and sizes with awkward angles, but to make the most of your new space you’ll need to embrace all those difficult spaces. Having custom made units made to fit the unusual space or adding a shelving unit or a desk into an awkward corner can ensure you are maximising the space, whilst also creating handy extra storage space. 

Create a bespoke space

If you or your partner has masses of clothes and a limited amount of space use your newly converted space as a walk in wardrobe. Featuring an open wardrobe or clothes rails can really help to organise the clutter and radically reduce the amount of space needed. 

Loft conversions can be various sizes and shapes, use this to your advantage to create a unique dressing room with built-in storage space and a large natural skylight and make getting ready easier. 

If you work from home, then transforming your loft into an office can be a great idea. A home office needs to be a light and bright space where your thoughts can flow, therefore opting for natural tones and hues can help to attract plenty of natural light to maximise productivity and positive thoughts. 

Use the space to create a fun, cosy and enjoyable place for the kids to play or chill out after school. Using bright colours can help to inject personality into the space and ensure they make the most out of the space. Kids interests can change pretty quickly so keeping the design simple but cosy is an easy yet inexpensive way to keep up with their new crazes and hobbies.

Using your loft conversion for a stylish shower or bathroom is a great use of space. If you’ve got your heart set on a shower room you must measure the headroom space and check the accessibility. You don’t want to plan and design a chic shower room and then find out that you’re unable to stand in or get in and out of it. If you do encounter this problem, a freestanding bath can always be featured instead as this can add character to your space. Make the loft conversion into a unique and personal space for you to relax, enjoy a nice soak and some ‘you’ time. 

If you’re looking to create a peaceful and light space then houseplants are a great addition. Not only do they purify the air we breathe and look attractive, but they complement natural light and help to make a space feel more lived in and calm. If you’re turning your loft into a relaxing and comforting zone then houseplants need to be considered – just make sure you know how to care for them! 

Building regulations

Building regulations are in place to protect people’s safety, health and welfare in and around buildings. As a loft conversion is a ‘material change of use’ building regulations, such as fire escapes, thermal efficiency, plumbing and electrics, must be met.