More and more homeowners are looking for ways to improve their homes.

From decorating or renovating an existing room to installing a brand new kitchen, there are a variety of ways to add value to your home. Loft conversions are becoming an increasingly popular home renovation choice as they open a skylight window of opportunity and allow you to turn an empty space into a more meaningful place.

Creating extra space 

In the case of a smaller property or if you’re a family is expanding a loft conversion could be the answer to all your additional space needs. For anything from extra storage space to a home office or an extra bedroom, a loft conversion is a great renovation choice as, unlike extensions, they grow upwards and don’t eat into your outdoor space. A well-planned conversion allows you to make great use of space. 

Adds value to your house

Homebuyers are always looking for bespoke features which make a house stand out from the rest on the market. A loft conversion will allow you to enhance the space you already have and can be designed to become your homes hidden and unique treasure. It’s said that this type of renovation can add up to 20% to your home’s value, so it’s a good investment for those looking to expand their living space for the time being.  


As loft conversions don’t involve any major structural work and much of the structure you already need is there, they are usually quite a lot cheaper per square metre than extensions.  

Let there be light 

Roof windows and skylights let in a lot more light than other windows in the home as they are less likely to be blocked because of their height and positioning. As most loft conversions will typically include a Velux or Dormer window, taking the time to think about their size and position is crucial if you want to make the most of the natural light and let in the maximum amount of sunshine. 


Loft conversions are becoming increasingly popular, and it’s not just because they increase the space in your home. This type of renovation is not short on styles and each can be tailored to compliment your home, theme and requirements perfectly.

The three main types available are: 

  1. A dormer conversion which renovates your space and adds a slight extension to your roof which provides extra headroom, natural light and floor space. 
  2. A Velux conversion creates an illusion of a larger space through the use of Velux windows but keeps the original structure and layout of the loft and roof. 
  3. During a ‘hip to gable’ conversion the slanted side of the roof, known as the ‘hip’, is extended and replaced with a vertical wall, which is known as the ‘gable’. 

Energy efficient 

It’s probably a surprise to hear that loft conversions are energy efficient. However, as most feature large windows it’s easier to utilise the natural daylight, compared to regular windows further down the house which could easily be blocked by trees or other properties and prevent light coming in. In addition to this, the room will be insulated to keep it cosy in the winter and prevent hot air from coming into the room in the summer. As the loft is located at the top of the house, the warm air from rooms below will rise up and heat the room, benefiting you and the environment. 

Adding a loft conversion onto your home has become one of the most rewarding and sought after home renovation ideas, and who can argue we’d all love a little more room wouldn’t we? From adding extra storage space to becoming more energy-efficient, the benefits are endless.