Self builds are becoming increasingly popular and why wouldn’t they be? They allow you to design your dream home and personalise every element of it, it’s music to anyone’s ears. However, when starting a self-build you must ensure you know what’s in store for you. As rewarding as the finished product is, they can be scary, stressful and unpredictable.

We’ve created a short list of the most important things to consider when turning your fantasy into reality.


Setting a budget for your self-build can be a daunting task but it’s an important one as it will help you keep your finances in check. You can always seek help from the professionals to assure you have set a realistic budget – they are there to help you along the way. Throughout this journey, you may encounter a few surprises so it’s always handy to have budgeted some money for a contingency fund to cover any unexpected mishaps. At every stage of the project, ensure you know what’s been spent, what’s predicted to be spent and what the expected end project cost is. Money is one of the most important factors when building a self-build as it powers the project and takes it from fantasy to finished project. 

 Did you know an estimating service can take a lot of the hassle out of working out the budget of your build?  Build Aviator offer an estimating service which is the most effective and comprehensive quantity take-off service available. They provide you with a speedy, accurate and reliable estimator of materials, as well as the labour and plant tool hire required to complete your build using products locally available to you. 

Create a comfortable home

It’s easy to get carried away when creating your dream home. You’ll have so many ideas but don’t forget that at the end of the day your home will need to be comfortable. After all there is no point building it if you’re not going to be able to relax in it, is there? Comfort it a big part of the project and it doesn’t just stop at the furniture, you’ll need to consider the visual, acoustic and thermal comfort of each room. You’ll be able to find a few examples of how to maximise your home’s comfort below. 

Natural light can make a huge difference and your choice of light can really enhance the beauty of your home. If you’re choosing to have natural light sources then windows are typically the best option and most popular choice. When planning, you’ll need to consider how to keep your home cosy and warm whilst letting in all the natural and bright light. There are constant innovations so you’ll have a variety of options to choose from, for example smart membranes that help to improve air tightness and manage moisture and glazing that lets the light in but no heat out. In addition to this, considering and understanding what your home will be used for will really help to not only keep your home comfortable but also your mind. 

Moreover, building and running an efficient home is also important not only to minimise costs but also to protect the environment. 

Pick the right tradesman 

Finding a reliable builder or subcontractor can be difficult but having a good relationship with one is key – after all, they play a vital role in your self-build journey. But how do you find one? Ask your friends, family and colleagues for recommendations. Word of mouth is a great tool to use. Using online databases to find your best match is also a useful tool. For example, Trustmark is a Government Endorsed Quality Scheme which covers the work a consumer chooses to have carried out in or around their home. It registers businesses that have been thoroughly vetted to meet required standards. The business will also have made a considerable commitment to good customer service, technical competence and trading practice. Once you’ve found your prospective builder, you want to feel confident knowing they can do a great job, don’t you? So, the best thing to do is to make a list of questions to ask them prior to contracting them, then if they’re the right fit you can go ahead and pencil them in to start your new project.  

How can Build Aviator help you? 

One of the most stressful things about your project is likely to be making the thousands of decisions you’ll need to during your project. How do you remember everything you need to order, and make sure they arrive on site on time, when they’re needed? Here at Build Aviator, we understand how a self-build can affect you, so we’re here to do all of this, and much more, for you to ensure the stress is taken out of your project.

Our ‘Self Build Essentials Pack’ works as your own project manager and gives you the assistance you need to turn your idea into creation. Our pack includes:

  • Your initial SAP assessment which is designed so you can build your house to a passing specification based on locally available materials. 
  • RCD’s that provide you with the reassurance that your home has been designed to minimise complaint issues according to Part L1A Building Regulations. 
  • The project cost estimating and 2 hour estimator consultation time gives you support from quotation to completion. We provide you with a personalised and comprehensive report of all materials you’ll need for your build, plus reassurance from our ex-trade experts who have created the reports for you. 
  • Access to Technical Sales Managers who work with you through your local branch to assist and support you with material procurement.

We are here to provide you with all the essentials to go self build. So if you’ve got the land, got the plans but need a helping hand? Let Build Aviator’s vast range of services help you turn your dream project into your forever home. For more information, visit our website